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Question   Photo Galleries
Hello my friend, just stopped by your site to see "what's new?" As usual, I am totally awed by your art. When are you going to put out a book or do something with your photos? They are spectactular!

- Chris t-fer March 05, 2012

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Question   xohaaZWysvejtx
Apparently this is what the esteemed Willis was tlakin' 'bout.

- Romby Romby February 15, 2012

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Question   Just stopping by
Hi Lisa,
It's Marcy from the Medieval fest in Sands Point. Just stopping by to view your beautiful galleries again. Hope you are out on another adventure enjoying yourself and will share more of your wonderful photos with us soon.

- Marcy Tumbarello February 27, 2011

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Question   San Francisco photos
Just looked at the new gallery from San Fran. As always, spectacular.

- Christine Cofone September 03, 2010

  Answer This piece was a lifjecaket that saved me from drowning.

- Emmly Emmly  February 14, 2012

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Question   Very impressive!
Lisa, these are quite good! I didnt know you traveled so much... I especially enjoyed the infrared and cemetery shots! Well done, keep it up!

- Tim Lilley June 08, 2010

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Question   Home page canoe
Hi Lee,

Where did yoo find the home page canoe ? I like it.


- Mike you know July 11, 2009

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Question   Your site
Supurb as always Lisa. I don't think I'll ever catch up.....

- Rick Bianco April 09, 2009

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Question   the website
Wow!! Lisa I sure am proud of you. Such a nice website and a great photographer too.

-  February 17, 2008

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Question   Ireland
I just visited Ireland for the first time. I did that on your website. Incredibly beautiful photos.

-  February 08, 2008

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